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SkyBridge vs Anakeesta vs Ober Gatlinburg
3 Most Popular Chairlift Attractions

I Compare Them & Help You Decide 
(Discounts Below)

Anakeesta Willow Man, Gatlinburg, Gatlinburg SkyBridge at Night, and Ober Gatlinburg ice bumper cars

What's the difference between

Anakeesta, Ober Gatlinburg & SkyBridge?

~I've personally been to all 3, and I will tell you what is different about them~

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The quickest answer, to summarize, is: (see details below)

SkyLift Park (Skybridge) is the least expensive, and is great of you have limited time. Very unique. Great for adults and couples, but kids will also enjoy it if they aren't afraid of heights and will enjoy the SkyTrail.  It doesn't have as many activities for kids as the other 2 attractions, but kids will surely love the SkyTrails at the top. Also includes the Tulip Observation Tower.  Some food is available at a hot snack bar and also has a craft beer bar.  Chairlift take you up.

Anakeesta is the only park with ziplining (for additional fee), and is a half-day or all day, unique, relaxed, forest fairytale style experience.  Very kid-friendly.  If you do NOT zipline, the cost is mid-range.  If you DO add ziplining, it becomes the most expensive of the 3.  Biggest variety of restaurants, including BBQ, adult beverages and shops.  Chairlift, Chondola or Big truck can take you up.

Ober Mountain (Formerly Ober Gatlinburg) is similar in cost to Anakeesta, but is the only option with winter sports, snow and ice (seasonal). Could cost a bit more or less, depending on chosen activities.  Ober is great for energetic kids and adults, with the most activities.  A half-day or all day experience.  Has a variety of food options, including a restaurant, café, shops and adult beverages.  Ober is the only choice for those prefer to skip the tram lift up and drive themselves up to the mountaintop. Take tram up or drive up.

More details below...

Anakeesta firefly village media kit.png


This chairlift starts at 576 Parkway, downtown Gatlinburg, right across from Ripley's Aquarium.   Anakeesta has 3 options to get to the top. 

  • Chairlift 

  • Chondola (enclosed)

  • Ridge Rambler (huge passenger truck)


Things to do at Anakeesta include 

  • Treetop SkyWalk

  • AnaVista Tower

  • Mountain Coaster (extra)

  • Dueling Ziplines (extra)

  • Gem Mining

  • Splash Pad 

  • TreeVenture Challenge Course

  • BearVenture

  • Treehouse Village Playground

  • Shopping

  • Relaxing vistas, several firepits with seating

  • Memorial Forest Walk

  • Vista Botanical Gardens with Willow Man & Twigloos


Anakeesta is the 2nd most expensive of the 3 parks.  But if you choose to zipline, the added cost will bump it up to the 1st most expensive.  Check for current prices. 

  • Annual passes available

  • Military Discount

  • AAA Discount

  • Sevier County Discount

Location & Parking

There are several paid parking options right next to and nearby Anakeesta within walking distance. 


Kids or Adults

Both kids and adults will love Anakeesta. Kids, teens and seniors will enjoy it.


Places to eat include

  • Clifftop Restaurant (steaks, etc) 

  • The Smokehouse (smoked pork, brisket & chicken)

  • Kephart Café (pizza, hot dogs, etc.)

  • Tap House (local craft beer)

  • The Bar at the Top of the World (liquor, cocktails, wine & beer)

  • Pearl's Pie in the Sky (sweets like ice cream, milkshakes, pies, etc)

  • Snack Shack (funnel cake fries)

Wheelchair Accessibility

The chondolas are wide enough for wheelchairs. Treetop Skywalk & AnaVista Tower is not accessible at this time, but most other parts of the park are.


You will probably spend half a day to a full day here.



SkyLift Park

This chairlift starts at 765 Parkway, downtown Gatlinburg, diagonally across from Ripley's Believe It or Not!  SkyLift Park has 1 option to get to the top. 

  • Chairlift  (yellow)


Things to do at SkyLift Park include

  • Walk across the scenic, 680 foot long SkyBridge

  • Enjoy & relax on the SkyDeck, including seating and firepits

  • Explore and walk along the SkyTrail boardwalks, trails, and lookouts

  • Tulip Observation Tower

  • Visit the SkyCenter indoor area with gift shop, snacks and a scenic bar


SkyLift Park is the least expensive of the 3 parks.

Check for current prices. 

Price includes all day access.

  • Military Discount

  • Senior Discount

  • Sevier County Discount

Location & Parking

There are several paid parking options right near the SkyLift within walking distance. 

Kids or Adults

Skylift is, in my opinion, the most adult oriented park. Kids will still enjoy it. But unlike the other parks, there are not as many kids kind of activities at this one.



Places to eat include

  • Hot snack bar (pizza, wraps, salad, ice cream, etc)

  • Bar serving craft beer

Wheelchair Accessibility

Guest must be able to stand while loading onto chairs, and there are free wheelchairs to use at the top.  There is no way to access the SkyLift chairs while using a wheelchair.  Wheelchairs are not able to go onto the Skybridge itself.


Skylift Park is the least time consuming, so if you have limited time, this may be for you.  Figure about 2-4 hours.

Ober fall.png

Ober Gatlinburg
(Now Ober Mountain)

Now, known as Ober Mountain, this tram starts at 1001 Parkway, downtown Gatlinburg, not far from the GSMNP entrance.  Ober Gatlinburg has 2 option to get to the top. 

  • Tram (enclosed)

  • Drive Up & Park


Things to do at Ober Mountain include

  • Alpine Slide

  • Summer & Winter Tubing

  • Blue Cyclone Rapids Water Slide

  • Wildlife Encounter

  • Rock Wall

  • Mini Golf

  • Ice Skating

  • Ice Bumper Cars

  • Kiddie Rides

  • Chair Swing

  • Chair Lift up Mt. Harrison

  • Amaze 'N Maze

  • Ski Mountain Coaster

  • Carousel

  • Snow Ski & Snow Board with kids area too

  • Shopping


Ober Gatlinburg & Anakeesta run neck & neck with cost. Depending on which activities you choose, one can become more than the other.  So I'd say they are "similar" in cost.

  • Season Passes Available

  • Group rates available

Location & Parking

There are several paid parking options right near Ober Gatlinburg entrance within walking distance

Kids or Adults

Both kids and adults will love Ober. Kids and teens will especially enjoy it. 



  • Seasons of Ober Restaurant (steaks, etc)

  • Sidewalk Café (Burgers, Pizza etc)

  • Fudge Shop (homemade treats)

  • The Loft Lounge (variety of adult beverages)

Wheelchair Accessibility

The tram can easily accomodate  wheelchairs. Some areas of Ober are not accessible, but many parts of the park are.


You will probably spend half a day to a full day here.

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