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The Best Places to Get Breakfast 
Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg, TN

Where to Eat Breakfast in Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg

My photo with my family having Breakfast entrees at Five Oaks Farm Kitchen in Sevierville, Tennessee, breakfast casserole in iron skillet, grits, gravy, bread

Where to get the best pancakes in Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge

Where can you get good biscuits and gravy?

Where are the breakfast buffets?

Where do the locals eat breakfast?

How to skip the crowds for breakfast?

Are there Pet-friendly places to eat breakfast?

While some of this comes down to personal preference, I will give you the most popular mixed with my own favorites, along with some new places, as well as the ones that have stood the test of time 
for a good reason!



1.) Pancake Pantry 
628 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN

My photo of our breakfast food at Pancake Pantry in Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Pancake Pantry Breakfast spot, street view in Gatlinburg TN


If you want to visit this landmark breakfast spot in downtown Gatlinburg, get before 11 am.  

Maybe go on a weekday for less waiting. Saturday and Sunday are the busiest. The later it gets, the busier it gets!


And they are no longer "cash only" - they take cards now!  


Pancake Pantry is known for:

Scratch made breakfast and lunch, French crepes, and pigs in a blanket, among other things. 

2.) Timbers Log Cabin Restaurant
 600 Glades Road, Gatlinburg

Interior of Timbers Log Cabin Restaurant in Gatlinburg TN
scrambled eggs, gravy, and bacon at Timbers Log Cabin Restaurant

This little hidden gem is Pet Friendly and off the beaten path in the Arts & Crafts District of Gatlinburg. 

So you might want to try it for more than breakfast.  Also has outdoor seating and easy, free parking.

Timbers Log Cabin Restaurant is known for:

Homemade food (amazing burgers), homemade grits, potatoes, pancakes and biscuits.

3.) Log Cabin Pancake House
327 Historic Nature Trail, Gatlinburg

Exterior street view of the Log Cabin Pancake House in Gatllinburg Tennessee
breakfast food served at Log Cabin Pancake House in Gatliburg, TN, omelet, pancakes, bacon, syrup, fresh fruits, ham and more.

Nice atmosphere, just off the main strip downtown. This place has been around a long time! It is great for breakfast or brunch, with 9am seeming to be the busiest time, so arrive early if you can.

Log Cabin Pancake House is known for:

Their "French Toast Royale", it is said to be a Must-try! Also, the country ham, and blackberry crepes get rave reviews.

4.) Buckhorn Inn
2140 Tudor Mountain Rd., Gatlinburg

Front exterior view of Buckhorn Inn entrance, Gatlinburg, Tennessee Restaurant and Inn
Breakfast items at Buckhorn Inn in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Yes, you can stay here too, but you don't have to in order to have a top tier breakfast here!  It is a historic Inn, tucked quietly back into a cozy wooded, mountain spot, on the east side of Gatlinburg. 

Buckhorn Inn is known for:

Their eggs benedict, the chef-inspired dishes and homemade bread. Buckhorn Inn gets some of the highest marks for service and food.

More Information & Availability at Buckhorn Inn

5.) Crockett's Breakfast Camp
1103 Parkway, Gatlinburg

Exterior street view of Crocketts Breakfast Camp in Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Crocketts Breakfast Camp food served on a table in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Wonderful atmosphere, charming decor and ambience!  This breakfast restaurant pays homage to the legacy of David C. Crockett Maples, a real frontiersman from the area. Unique menu items that you won't find just anywhere.

Arrive early! 9-10 am will be the busiest times. Online waitlist is available on the website.

Crockett's Breakfast Camp is known for:

Griddle Cakes, Cast Iron Skillet Breakfast, Corn pone, Pot Roast Benedict and Cathead biscuits, just to name a few.

~Pigeon Forge & Sevierville~

1.) Paula Deen's Family Kitchen
131 Island Drive, Pigeon Forge

My photo of Paula Deen's at The Island attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Paula Deen cooks with the anchors on a TV morning show


Paula Deen's is an "All You Can Eat" Restaurant, at The Island. (It's free to get in The Island, so no worries) Food is served family-style on the table, so no getting up!  With some great views of The Island and it's fountains, and all the hustle and bustle.

Paula Deen's Family Kitchen is known for:

Biscuits, Ooey Gooey pancakes, Smoked bacon, mini cinnamon rolls and Breakfast Casserole


Pro Tip!

If you just want something quick, I recommend:

Wood Grill Buffett, 2301 Parkway, Pigeon Forge 

A breakfast buffet with little to no waiting!


Mel's Diner has breakfast all day.

2.) The Corner Diner
3060 Teaster Lane, Pigeon Forge

The Corner Diner in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Food entree at The Corner Diner, Pigeon Forge

Opened in 2023, this is a truly unique, and cute 1950's style diner that is open all day!  And you can order online if you want. Right next to Food City. Bright and cheerful, easy parking and getting rave reviews!  Hey - how bout a Knuckle Sandwich?

The Corner Diner is known for:

Smash Burger, Chicken and Waffles, Big Daddy Biscuits and Gravy, True Grits Bowl

3.) Brick & Spoon
136 Community Center Drive, Pigeon Forge

Exterior view of Brick and Spoon in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Creole Omelet at Brick and Spoon in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Pet Friendly breakfast place here! Breakfast, lunch or brunch. Casual, yet upscale and unique with a slightly Cajun twist. Conveniently located with good parking, just off of the main Parkway, yet still right in the middle of it all.

Brick and Spoon is known for:

Build your own Bloody Mary's, Beignets, French Toast Sliders, King Creole Omelet, variety of eggs benedict

4.) Sawyer's Farmhouse
2831 Parkway, Pigeon Forge

Sawyers Farmhouse Breakfast dishes on a restaurant dining table, Pigeon Forge, TN
My picture of Walnut Banana breakfast Crepes at Sawyers Farmhouse Restaurant, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Breakfast and Brunch - You can't miss it with the big rooster outside. Plenty of parking, easy access, right on the main drag. Sawyer's has been open since 2014 and always has a crowd.  Avoid going on weekends between 9-10 am because that is their busiest time.

Sawyer's Farmhouse is known for:

Crepes, Country Ham, Biscuits, Homemade Pancakes & Syrups Home Fries

5.) Applewood Farmhouse
240 Apple Valley Road, Sevierville

Sign at The Applewood Farmhouse Grill spot in Sevierville, Tennessee
Loaded Omelet at Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant, Sevierville, Tennessee

If you like country cooking and apples, you will love Applewood Farmhouse, as well as Applewood Farmhouse Grill, just next door. Both are charming little breakfast spots, that get their apples fresh from the orchard right outside!  Applewood Farmhouse is the oldest restaurant in Sevierville.


There are also plenty of parking, and some other stores that sell gifts, candy, cider, wine and other good stuff.

Applewood Farmhouse is known for:

Apple Fritters, Apple butter, Pancakes, Apple Julep

6.) The Old Mill
164 Old Mill Avenue, Pigeon Forge

My photo of the Old Mill sign in front of The Old Mill Restaurant in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
The Historic Old Mill Restaurant in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, including a person fishing in the Pigeon River, the waterfall, the gristmill wheel, flowers, and mountain view

This historic landmark in Pigeon Forge is a treasure.   It is one of the oldest, continually operating gristmills in the United States.  You can have breakfast in this mill, built in 1830.  After breakfast you can take a tour of it (check times) and also walk around the charming Old Mill District that includes Pigeon River Pottery (my personal favorite), a Candy Kitchen, Creamery, Old Forge Distillery, Iron Forge, General Store and more. 

It's also right next to the Main Trolley Hub.

The Old Mill is known for:

"Mill Made" & Homemade food, Fritters, Fruit plate, Pork loin, Country Fried Steak, Stone-ground Yellow Grits, Pancakes

7.) Elvira's Cafe
4143 Wears Valley Rd., Wears Valley

front view of Elvira's Cafe, Wears Valley, Tennessee
Elvira's breakfast platter, Wear's Valley (Sevierville) Tennessee


Elvira's is Pet Friendly and open for breakfast and lunch and weekend dinner (check hours). It's a popular place to eat in beautiful Wears Valley, and away from all the crowds of the Parkway, in a peaceful mountain setting.

This place has a unique spin on some traditional favorites! Outdoor seating available.

Elvira's is known for:

Buckwheat Crepes, Hashbrown Casserole, Pancakes

Wears Valley Cabins

More About Wears Valley

8.) Hillbilly's
3275 Wears Valley Rd., Wears Valley

front exterior view of Hillbilly's Restaurant in Wears Valley, Sevierville Tennessee
plate of scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon adn grits


Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yep! There's an antique truck on the sign outside, and another one on the inside!  The decor is just what you'd expect from a place called Hillbilly's. And guess what - they have a breakfast buffet if you just can't wait!  But you can also choose an entree if you'd like.

Hillbilly's Restaurant is known for:

Sweet Potato Pancakes, Cathead biscuits, country fried steak

Wears Valley Cabins

More About Wears Valley

9.) Wild Bear Tavern
4236 Parkway, Pigeon Forge

Huge pancakes at  Wild Bear Tavern, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Outdoor seating at Pet friendly Wild Bear Tavern, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee


Pet Friendly

Bavarian-style, German restaurant and pub inspired food with outdoor seating. All-you-can-eat breakfast specials, humongous pancakes, and authentic sausages, eggs, fresh bread and potato pancakes - what more could you want? Maybe to go back for dinner!

Wild Bear Tavern is known for:

Huge portions, potato pancakes, sausages, bratwurst, huge pancakes, strudel

10.) Five Oaks Farm Kitchen
1638 Parkway, Sevierville

Delicious breakfast at Five Oaks Farm Kitchen in Sevierville, Tennessee


Online waitlist available, and it's a good idea to use it, this place stays pretty crowded!


But you won't go away hungry, you get large portions. The ambiance is really nice here too, very warm and comfy, with upstairs and downstairs seating, and big windows for great views.


Five Oaks Farm Kitchen is known for:

Griddle Cakes, Cast Iron Skillet breakfast, Cinnamon Rolls

my picture of the exterior front view of Five Oaks Farm Kitchen Restaurant in Sevierville, Tennessee
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