Best Hiking Shoes for Hitting

the Smoky Mountain Trails

for Men and Women  (Images Below)

The difference between the Great Smoky Mountains and some other hiking areas, is that you are in a wildlife setting with more weather fluctuations, more trees and overhead tree canopies, including tree roots, creeks, waterfalls, bridges, rocks and more diverse plant and animal life.  

You may come across waterfalls and edges with steep drop offs in some areas.  These trails are not as wide, dry and dusty as some out west.

The GSMNP is the most biodiverse park in the United States. Biological diversity is one of the things that makes the Smoky Mountain trails unique.


Ok, so...What kind of hiking shoes or boots do I need for the Smoky Mountains?

The best hiking shoes for the Smoky Mountains:

⦁   Protect from nature's elements, plants and creatures
⦁    Have good grip, traction and soles
⦁    Are lightweight
⦁    Are waterproof, if needed
⦁    Are the right size for your feet with plenty of toe room
⦁    Have specialized comfort for my specific foot issues


All the shoes and boots below are the most popular with many experienced Smoky Mountain hikers. They are the most frequently recommended by people who actively hike this area.

I personally own a pair of Merrel Moabs (I love them) and plan on trying Keen brand or Altra brands as well, due to the wider toe area.

The Oboz and Sportiva are favorites of people who mention comfort.  You will see examples of these below.

What is a Trail Runner and are they good for the Smoky Mountain trails?

Hiking boots have been the "go to" for years for many hikers and backpackers.  While boots still have their place and are preferred by many, they are not always necessary. Trail running shoes have become more and more popular over the recent years because they are more lightweight and flexible than some boots. 


Trail runners are the go-to choice more and more, for many reasons. I think they are an excellent choice for the Smoky Mountains because:


  • They are lightweight

  • More flexible and less rigid than boots

  • Versatile

  • Shape more to the natural foot

  • Have better grip and stability than street shoes

  • Breathable

  • Easier to break in

  • Great for casual hikers, as well as experienced

One of the most popular trail runners are Altra. They were designed by hikers and are mainly different because they are shaped more to the natural walking foot shape. This means a wider toe area and less height in the heel area.

Pictured below are an example of Altra Lone Peak Men's and Altra Lone Peak Women's mid rise.

Altra Mens Lone Peak trail runners.PNG
Altra Lone Peak Womens mid rise tail run


Other Excellent Choices

Here are some traditional and time-tested options that you will love as well. 

Below are the most recommended brands of hiking shoes and boots by experienced Smoky Mountain hikers, with examples of each.

Most are available in low or mid rise, as well as a variety of colors.

Mens Keen Hiking shoe.PNG

Keen Men's Waterproof Hiking Shoe


Keen Women's Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Men's Merrell Moab Waterproff.PNG

Merrell Men's Moab Waterproof

Merrell Womens Moab Waterproof hiking sh

Merrell Women's Moab Waterproof

Oboz Mens Hiking shoe waterproof.PNG

Oboz Men's Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Womens Oboz Waterproof hiking shoes.PNG

Oboz Women's Waterproof Hiking Shoe

La Sportiva Mens Waterproof Hiking boots

La Sportiva Men's Waterproof Hiking Boots


La Sportiva Women's Hiking Shoe

Quick Tips & FAQs About Hiking Shoes 

for the Smoky Mountains

What about sandals? Can I wear sandals hiking in the Smoky Mountains?

Its not my recommendation because of foot exposure on trails, although some people do wear them. I'd only recommend it for very short day hikes and the best brand for that would be Chaco or Chaco Outcross.

What are the best hiking shoes for wide feet?

Keen brand and Altra are the most well known brands that are liked for the wide toe box area.

Do I need waterproof shoes or boots for Smoky Mountain trails?

It is definitely helpful for longer hikes, rainy days, and waterfall hikes. There are a lot of creeks and water bodies you may encounter on your trail adventures. 

When are hiking boots needed for Smoky Mountain trails?

Hiking boots are for people who like or need ankle support, longer hikes with heavier brush or off trail exploring.  They are not always necessary, but can be an excellent choice for Winter hiking and when you want maximum protection for your feet and ankles.

What is a "Zero Drop" shoe?

These are shoes that have a heel is at the same height as the front part of the foot. Its helps your foot stay in its natural position like when you are barefoot.  Many hikers have found this to be a more comfortable style than the traditional shoe style where the heel is slightly raised, preventing leg pain and fatigue.

Bonus Quick Tip:

Buy and break in your hiking shoe of choice before you begin your hike or vacation.  You should plan on wearing them for a month or 2 so they can provide maximum comfort on your adventure on the trails.

Trail Guide Map for Smoky Mountains
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