5 Reasons Off Season & Winter

is the Best Time to Go to Gatlinburg

When is "Off Season" in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge?

Think January and February

With the exception of Valentine's Day week, you can expect the lowest rates and the least crowds

during these 2 months.

You might want to also consider early December and early March as alternatives.

1.)  Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are the Least Crowded in Winter

 January and February are so much less crowded in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge during these months. This means you won't have to wait in long lines, or worry about getting reservations.  Shows may not be sold out and finding the best rooms or cabins will be alot easier, with less competition.


And don't forget about traffic.  No worries of long waits, inching along while the kids get restless, or traffic jams.  Finding a place to park suddenly becomes no problem, and your stress melts away. 

The whole area just feels more relaxed.

2.) It's the Most Affordable Time of Year

What is the cheapest time to get a cabin or a hotel room in Gatlinburg?  You will see the lowest nightly rates January and February (except Valentine's week).  Weekdays will usually cost less than weekends.


There is no better time to take the vacation you've been dying for if you are on a budget or want to save money.  Everything is generally less expensive and sales and discounts are more abundant. Want to go shopping? You will find deals and sales in many of the shops too.

3.) Better Selection and Availability of Cabins, Hotels, Condos and Chalets

It can be frustrating when you find that perfect cabin only to realize it's completely booked up for the entire season or holiday weekend and unavailable.  Booking the exact days you want is much easier during the "off season" months. 

Maybe you'd like a honeymoon cabin or a cabin with an indoor pool, well now the options are endless.

4.)  See the Hidden Parts of the Smoky Mountains

Stunning view, vistas and hidden gems emerge from behind the trees.  Truly see "the real" Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge that is normally obstructed from view when the leaves or hiding them.  

For this reason alone, it is my favorite part of the year. The mountains take on a whole new look. Take in scenic views of snowy mountaintops and frozen waterfalls you will never forget.  Just don't forget your camera, because the photos will be breathtaking.

Scenes of the Smoky Mountain life you have never noticed before will now come into view.  Nature unveils its wonder and sense of adventure.

5.) The Towns are Decked Out in Lights 

From late November until the end of February, the Winterfest lights go on all around the Smoky Mountain area of Sevier County.  It's a tradition that includes tree lightings, Christmas parades and many other winter celebrations.  Take the "Trolley Ride of Lights" in Gatlinburg and the "Winterfest Driving Tour of Lights" through Pigeon Forge.  

You might also enjoy the lighting of the tree and other lights at The Island in Pigeon Forge.  Millions of winter lights will be on display.

There is So Much to Do !

               For more info, go to Winter Attractions in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.

Sevier County is now a year-round destination. 


Many winter attractions like Ober Gatlinburg, Indoor water parks, and holiday events ramp up.  

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