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5 New, Unique & Unusual Attractions
In Pigeon Forge


Wondering what is new and fun in Pigeon Forge? Are you searching for unique, unusual or off the beaten path ideas for your vacation or trip?  Maybe it's a quick weekend getaway.  Well here is a great list with pictures and descriptions to get you started!

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New Unique & Unusual in Gatlinburg

1.) Parkway Playhouse
2141 Parkway, Pigeon Forge TN   865-365-1204

See breathtaking magic and try the escape rooms. See TikTok star, Freckled Zelda, a real unicorn, hear live music and be entertained by stars from America's Got Talent.


Try out "Houdini the Huskey's Magical Escape Room" and Freckled Zelda's "Freckled Forest Escape Room".   You can even propose to your love by making a ring appear onstage!  Or make someone disappear - oh my!  Any way you slice it, these shows sound like great fun! 

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2.) Dollywood Flower & Food Festival
(May 8-June 14)
2700 Dollywood Parks Blvd, Pigeon Forge, TN   800-365-5996


This year, Dollywood has yet another new idea, and it's called the Flower and Food Festival, included with your admission when you visit May 8-June 14.  According to their website, they promise an "abundance of fresh flowers throughout the park, creating a stunning, spring wonderland."

Also, spring-fresh inspired drinks will be offered, along with an "Umbrella Sky" on Showstreet. It's all about plants, animals, nature and the celebration and awakening of Spring in the Smokies.

3.) Buzzed Bull Creamery
3239 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN   865-286-5775

Buzzed or not buzzed? That is the question, when you order your ultra-smooth, liquid nitrogen infused ice cream here.  You can order it with or without the alcohol, and just watching how it's made (flash frozen) is half the fun. 

They have 32 flavors, plenty of mix-ins, and 30 liquor options for the adventurous souls over 21.

Try a "Death by Chocolate", "Dreamsicle", or some "Tiger Stripes", just to name a few.  Each one has a suggested liquor flavor to go with it if you so choose.  Also includes a full service, espresso coffee bar.

4.) Skyland Ranch
1620 Parkway, Sevierville, TN